Pacers Lose

What a devastating start to a week. First, Robb Stark is murdered in the “Red Wedding” scene in Game of Thrones, now the Pacers are out of the Playoffs.

Everyone I know was cheering for Pacers, not only because the Pacers were the Underdog in the series, but because the hatred for the Miami Heat is still high. That feeling hasn’t left since they Big Three united in South Beach.

The hatred for the Heat exists because it was a cheap move. Three super-stars (this argument can’t be made now that we’ve seen the decline of Bosh’s role and Wade’s knee has lessened his presence as well) teamed up together to form one incredible team, and they are surrounded by other All-stars and top-performing bench players. Of course, this is business and that’s definitely a great business plan if you wish to win.

Everyone loves a great team, but this is different. For example, everyone loves the Avengers because it’s fun to watch a team of incredible heroes fight alongside one another to defeat the enemy. However, in this scenario, everyone’s favorite team (assuming they’re not a Heat fan), is the enemy.

And to push it over the edge, the Heat fan claim other teams, such as the Lakers and Celtics as also adding stars to their teams. But that argument just pisses fans of those other teams off because it isn’t comparable. The Lakers add Pau Gasol, sure he’s an all-star, but he wasn’t like Lebron James, Wade, or Bosh, who could single-handedly control the game, and take their team far into the post-season. Sure, the Celtics added Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, but the previous statements apply to them as well. After Lakers added Dwight Howard, the argument can finally be made that they added another Super Star, but just look at how their season ended.


Anyways, I’m just upset. Now we’ll have to watch the boring old Spurs play against Maimi, a team no one likes. We’ve all lost interest now.


CNN is a Joke

Before you continue on, read this:

…if you’re like me, then you’re probably thinking “W…The…F” right about now. How is this NEWS? And CNN is not the only perpetrator.

News, in general, has become dull, negative, and overly-focused on Entertainment. BBC, NYTimes, and a few others are the only few that show signs of hope. Anyone who watches anything else is just feeding their brains with garbage. Why is Bad News the only type of News? The Breaking News tickers every day mostly list something irrelevant to the lives of the general public (such as Lebron James fouling out of Game 4 in the Eastern Conference Finals) or filled with Bad News. “Today three girls were found after 10 years…down the damn street from where they were kidnapped!” “Man guns down children in an elementary school!…oh and BTW, guns ARE NOT the problem. No, they should still be available to the public.” Etc. Etc. You get the point.

News is associated with the negative. We are constantly exposed to flaws in society. And i’m not saying that we should have a constant stream of people donating blood, but it should not be so one-sided. Otherwise we’ll just grow to think of the world as impure, filled with crime and corruption. Where is the hope for good?