App-Game Idea

(For the 2 of you reading this blog post, feel free to pass this on to those who might be able to make something of this haha)

I have a few game ideas, but I’ll post two for now:

Game 1:

This first game uses the real world, much like Foursquare. But instead of just one person checking-in and controlling a place, there should be teams. Teams that control territories, recruit, complete missions, and meet/make deals with members of other teams. These are just some ideas of functions for the teams, but the possibilities are endless.

If this became a reality, then further down the road, we could get businesses involved, to offer deals to the teams with strong holds on territories. (By strong, I mean constantly checking-in and buying things–Scanning receipts is the proof, of course. Much like Shoparoo and other similar apps).

–If you have any thoughts on how to improve/add to this idea, that’d be great. And even greater than that would be if you could provide help to make this a reality, we should work together! haha


Game 2

The second game is much like the board game Risk, at least the main concept of conquering territories, armies, or perhaps the world (depending on the game mode you choose). This is obviously a game you can with your friends (I’d say up to 5-6 people). I actually don’t know why there isn’t a game like this out there, available. I don’t know about you, but it’s FUN to play with your friends.

A few months back, I was on a road trip, and we were getting bored. One of my friends recently played a game at school called “Fun Run,” and he told us to download it. It was a 4-player multiplayer 2d game. It was a racing game that gave you power-ups, much like Mario Kart or Crash Bandicoot. It didn’t matter that the game was in 2D, just that it was simple, fun, and compatible (Android-users could play against iPhone-users). So naturally, my mind starts churning out ideas, esp. for multiplayer games. Cause when you’re hanging out with friends (say…ierno, waiting to be seated at a restaurant) or on a road trip, games like these would help pass the time.

So, some specific ideas that I had for the gameplay is to create alliances or to secretly sabotage alliances. Since each player will be playing on their phones, players can message each other secretly (for whatever purpose) without the other players knowing. And of course, if this does become a reality, then eventually you can create custom maps/games, such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, etc.


–Anyways, as I mentioned earlier, if you would like add to or improve these ideas, please comment below. And maybe we can get in touch if you think you can help take these ideas to the next step.