Game of Thrones: Post 1/Many

Game of Thrones:

Currently, one of the greatest shows on TV! <– Yes I’m one of those cult-ish people. I swear by Samsung and will never buy an iPhone. And this and that. I’m always nostalgic and remembering the good old days, when Seinfeld and Pogs were cool (even though I was too young to understand either…though the latter still puzzles me).

Anyways, I’d just like to list my expectations for Season 4, now that Season 3 is coming to a conclusion. (Oh yeah, this obviously means I didn’t read the book, and I most likely won’t due to the disappointment that follows.)

I just want to see one thing happen in Season 4, and that is for the Stark Brothers to meet up together. Plain & Simple. According to this interactive map for Season 3, the mother of Dragons still seems to far off to even get near Kings Landing. But who knows, right? Look at how much she has accomplished in a matter of episodes. She now has a huge army and not to mention those growing dragons!

Now if you’re interested in the show, but aren’t completely caught up with all the characters and how they’re all connected (as I was, until I “googled” it), here are some interesting infographs and pedigrees.

Response to critics:

When I refer to critics, I mainly refer to my friends. I don’t really care for the opinions of people I don’t know. Everyone is different so how can I gauge the interests and tastes of online critics? Our friends, however, are somewhat reflections of our interests and tastes. There is some common ground to say the least.

I have a few friends who have watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, then stopped. For whatever reason, they just weren’t quite hooked. They question why it’s good. For me, personally, I was interested in the story, but I was even more hooked at the very end of Season One, when Ned Stark was killed off. That was the defining moment for this show (for me).

Ned Stark was one of the main characters, and they killed him off? What show, in their right mind, would do a thing like that? Game of Thrones. The story and the way they go about telling it, is something new, exotic, and has never before been told in this way. Or maybe it has, but a lot of us are experiencing it this way for the first time.

–What do you think? What about Game of Thrones appeals to you most? (Except the gay sex…that’s a given lol)

–Or why do you hate the show?


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