Feeling limited in a limitless world

“The sky is the limit.”

A lie, IMO. Most of us are a part of a system now, where our options are limited and our time frame to figure out how to live doing what we’re passionate about is the cause of that.

Yes, I’m a “millenial,” “twentysomething,” a member of Generation Y. And this is how most of our lives has been so far and will be in the future:

Option 1

-Graduate with a Bachelors. Go to work/gain experience. Go to Graduate School. Get Married. By this time we’re in our Mid-30s and contemplating starting a family, which (if you understand how fertility works) is a decreased possibility as you get closer or into your 40s.

Option 2

-Graduate with a Bachelors. Go to Graduate School. Work. Get Married…and oh wait, you’re nearly in the same situation as aforementioned.

– These aren’t the only two options, I understand, but these are two widely chosen options out there. Furthermore, I’ve only given an superoversimplified account for what will take place. I didn’t mention debt or costs, but you’re smart, you know there’s debt from school, weddings, houses, cars, etc.

I have college debt and grad school (a JD, at least) will add 70-100K more. And a JD isn’t as valuable as it was in the past. Graduates are not landing jobs as easily as they once were. And even experienced professionals are working Pro Bono. Here are some scary figures from my state, California. 

More and more employers are recruiting those with graduate degrees, and as these numbers increase, the salaries for those with only bachelors (or lower) will decrease. Basic economics. If the competition is great, why pay someone with a bachelors as much as someone who has a graduate degree in the field?

The Point

The American system is shit.

We’re inefficient, especially when it comes to Education. Why can’t we accelerate undergraduate programs to include graduate-level studies? I went to a UC and I can honestly say that there were not more than three professors/courses that have changed the way I think. A lot of classes were either regurgitation of facts learned in class lectures/readings or just complete BS. I got A’s in humanities classes for which I didn’t pick up a single book for! I didn’t learn anything practical that I could take with me to the real world. (It was a general ed series I was required to take–just so you know before you think about blaming me for not challenging myself.)

Even if I wanted to take classes that taught me practical lessons for the real-world…there weren’t many being offered to begin with.

I wasted thousands of my parents money for a piece of paper I was told wold open doors for me and help me be successful. Call it ego, pride, arrogance, whatever. But I didn’t spend that much money learning how to make coffee, copy documents, or fax letters; which seems to be the only non-paying opportunity open. My generation has more than just “some” potential, we can change the world for good. But it seems the limit is far less than the sky for us.

There has to be a better way. I hope.

What are your thoughts?


4 responses to “Feeling limited in a limitless world

  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. It sounds like I am in a similar place as you are (and, as you point out, so is a large portion of our generation). I can only hope that things will fall into place for me as long as I work hard, naive as that may sound with so much evidence stacked against me. But whatever happens to me personally, I totally agree that major changes need to be made to the American education system, as well as in other areas.

    • Glad I’m not alone…actually, I shouldn’t be. I hope everything works out for all of us. I feel our generation is underrated and overlooked. We have so much energy and passion to provide to the world. We’re treated as if we don’t know anything, but there are so few opportunities for us to prove ourselves in. People can point towards Mark Zuckerberg and the likes all the want, but what about the millions of us who have tried and failed (or haven’t been able to try for a number of factors).

      Anyways, thanks for commenting. This is my first go at a blog, so please come back to check out my future posts. Thanks! I appreciate it.

  2. Yeah, def. know ur talkin about. Gotta keep your head up through those tough moments.

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