Alone in a Crowd

Alone in a Crowd

by Me

Surrounded by the people you know

Hidden, though, you’re not ready to show

who you are 

cause you’re far

Seems you need to send an “SOS” SMS

write to their email address

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more

cause they’re all attention whores

paying the whores with their attention

which causes tension

with those seeking to be social on the networks

who don’t understand how the net works

in a world more connected

we’re more disconnected

so what do you do

with your dysfunctional crew

can’t express your emotions 

as if in the middle of the ocean

yelling, screaming

as you awake from dreaming

you open your eyes

and to your surprise

there they are, your new group

supportive as you recoup. 




Agents of SHIELD- Coming to ABC this Fall

Agents of Shield:

I’m a huge Marvel fan. And While I do await the premiere of this show, I also have some concerns, mainly that the extent to which Marvel is expanding their universe, that they may overdo some aspects. (For instance, Guardians of the Galaxy. While it’s a known comic series, it will be interesting to see what the responses are from the general viewers. They’ll definitely have things to say after Marvel follows Ironman with a team consisting of a Racoon and a talking Tree. I hope Marvel & Disney know what they are doing, and doing it right.) I understand that they are also rolling out a few other TV Series, most of them on ABC and one on Fox.

Anyways, from the trailer that was posted, it seems as if this guy (sorry I’m horrible w/names) below, will be the initial hero :

As there are only so many African-American heroes in the Marvel Universe, my main guess would be that he plays Luke Cage. He’s powerful due to his brute strength rather than a reliance on any superpowers (at least in some versions in the comic book). And there are two different backgrounds for him, one that shows he had a rough life, being charged for a crime he didn’t commit and spending time in a prison, and the other one is that he’s an ex-cop who is a family man. I know…Marvel’s character bios are really confusing sometimes, there are multiple stories for each character.

What I am going to assume is that: a) new characters from the Marvel Universe will appear every now and then, and b) that the story will flow with the Movies, which I heard it does (in that everything is taking place after what happened in Avengers).

What I hope for the show, however, is that it doesn’t end up like Smallville! I watched that show only because I started it, I sank with the ship. Don’t get me wrong, it had its ups and downs, but mostly downs. It was tantalizing to see all the heroes in the last season, but it was such a buzzkill when nothing much really happen. The show was like 5% action and 95% girl drama. Marvel, hopefully you know your audience. ABC is not CW in that it shows airhead shows like Gossip Girl and…well whatever else they air. I’m not saying that the show needs non-stop action, but it should have action.

That’s all I have to say about the show as of now. Another post will arrive after the first episode airs.

App-Game Idea

(For the 2 of you reading this blog post, feel free to pass this on to those who might be able to make something of this haha)

I have a few game ideas, but I’ll post two for now:

Game 1:

This first game uses the real world, much like Foursquare. But instead of just one person checking-in and controlling a place, there should be teams. Teams that control territories, recruit, complete missions, and meet/make deals with members of other teams. These are just some ideas of functions for the teams, but the possibilities are endless.

If this became a reality, then further down the road, we could get businesses involved, to offer deals to the teams with strong holds on territories. (By strong, I mean constantly checking-in and buying things–Scanning receipts is the proof, of course. Much like Shoparoo and other similar apps).

–If you have any thoughts on how to improve/add to this idea, that’d be great. And even greater than that would be if you could provide help to make this a reality, we should work together! haha


Game 2

The second game is much like the board game Risk, at least the main concept of conquering territories, armies, or perhaps the world (depending on the game mode you choose). This is obviously a game you can with your friends (I’d say up to 5-6 people). I actually don’t know why there isn’t a game like this out there, available. I don’t know about you, but it’s FUN to play with your friends.

A few months back, I was on a road trip, and we were getting bored. One of my friends recently played a game at school called “Fun Run,” and he told us to download it. It was a 4-player multiplayer 2d game. It was a racing game that gave you power-ups, much like Mario Kart or Crash Bandicoot. It didn’t matter that the game was in 2D, just that it was simple, fun, and compatible (Android-users could play against iPhone-users). So naturally, my mind starts churning out ideas, esp. for multiplayer games. Cause when you’re hanging out with friends (say…ierno, waiting to be seated at a restaurant) or on a road trip, games like these would help pass the time.

So, some specific ideas that I had for the gameplay is to create alliances or to secretly sabotage alliances. Since each player will be playing on their phones, players can message each other secretly (for whatever purpose) without the other players knowing. And of course, if this does become a reality, then eventually you can create custom maps/games, such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, etc.


–Anyways, as I mentioned earlier, if you would like add to or improve these ideas, please comment below. And maybe we can get in touch if you think you can help take these ideas to the next step.

CNN is a Joke

Before you continue on, read this:

…if you’re like me, then you’re probably thinking “W…The…F” right about now. How is this NEWS? And CNN is not the only perpetrator.

News, in general, has become dull, negative, and overly-focused on Entertainment. BBC, NYTimes, and a few others are the only few that show signs of hope. Anyone who watches anything else is just feeding their brains with garbage. Why is Bad News the only type of News? The Breaking News tickers every day mostly list something irrelevant to the lives of the general public (such as Lebron James fouling out of Game 4 in the Eastern Conference Finals) or filled with Bad News. “Today three girls were found after 10 years…down the damn street from where they were kidnapped!” “Man guns down children in an elementary school!…oh and BTW, guns ARE NOT the problem. No, they should still be available to the public.” Etc. Etc. You get the point.

News is associated with the negative. We are constantly exposed to flaws in society. And i’m not saying that we should have a constant stream of people donating blood, but it should not be so one-sided. Otherwise we’ll just grow to think of the world as impure, filled with crime and corruption. Where is the hope for good?

Game of Thrones: Post 1/Many

Game of Thrones:

Currently, one of the greatest shows on TV! <– Yes I’m one of those cult-ish people. I swear by Samsung and will never buy an iPhone. And this and that. I’m always nostalgic and remembering the good old days, when Seinfeld and Pogs were cool (even though I was too young to understand either…though the latter still puzzles me).

Anyways, I’d just like to list my expectations for Season 4, now that Season 3 is coming to a conclusion. (Oh yeah, this obviously means I didn’t read the book, and I most likely won’t due to the disappointment that follows.)

I just want to see one thing happen in Season 4, and that is for the Stark Brothers to meet up together. Plain & Simple. According to this interactive map for Season 3, the mother of Dragons still seems to far off to even get near Kings Landing. But who knows, right? Look at how much she has accomplished in a matter of episodes. She now has a huge army and not to mention those growing dragons!

Now if you’re interested in the show, but aren’t completely caught up with all the characters and how they’re all connected (as I was, until I “googled” it), here are some interesting infographs and pedigrees.

Response to critics:

When I refer to critics, I mainly refer to my friends. I don’t really care for the opinions of people I don’t know. Everyone is different so how can I gauge the interests and tastes of online critics? Our friends, however, are somewhat reflections of our interests and tastes. There is some common ground to say the least.

I have a few friends who have watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, then stopped. For whatever reason, they just weren’t quite hooked. They question why it’s good. For me, personally, I was interested in the story, but I was even more hooked at the very end of Season One, when Ned Stark was killed off. That was the defining moment for this show (for me).

Ned Stark was one of the main characters, and they killed him off? What show, in their right mind, would do a thing like that? Game of Thrones. The story and the way they go about telling it, is something new, exotic, and has never before been told in this way. Or maybe it has, but a lot of us are experiencing it this way for the first time.

–What do you think? What about Game of Thrones appeals to you most? (Except the gay sex…that’s a given lol)

–Or why do you hate the show?

Feeling limited in a limitless world

“The sky is the limit.”

A lie, IMO. Most of us are a part of a system now, where our options are limited and our time frame to figure out how to live doing what we’re passionate about is the cause of that.

Yes, I’m a “millenial,” “twentysomething,” a member of Generation Y. And this is how most of our lives has been so far and will be in the future:

Option 1

-Graduate with a Bachelors. Go to work/gain experience. Go to Graduate School. Get Married. By this time we’re in our Mid-30s and contemplating starting a family, which (if you understand how fertility works) is a decreased possibility as you get closer or into your 40s.

Option 2

-Graduate with a Bachelors. Go to Graduate School. Work. Get Married…and oh wait, you’re nearly in the same situation as aforementioned.

– These aren’t the only two options, I understand, but these are two widely chosen options out there. Furthermore, I’ve only given an superoversimplified account for what will take place. I didn’t mention debt or costs, but you’re smart, you know there’s debt from school, weddings, houses, cars, etc.

I have college debt and grad school (a JD, at least) will add 70-100K more. And a JD isn’t as valuable as it was in the past. Graduates are not landing jobs as easily as they once were. And even experienced professionals are working Pro Bono. Here are some scary figures from my state, California. 

More and more employers are recruiting those with graduate degrees, and as these numbers increase, the salaries for those with only bachelors (or lower) will decrease. Basic economics. If the competition is great, why pay someone with a bachelors as much as someone who has a graduate degree in the field?

The Point

The American system is shit.

We’re inefficient, especially when it comes to Education. Why can’t we accelerate undergraduate programs to include graduate-level studies? I went to a UC and I can honestly say that there were not more than three professors/courses that have changed the way I think. A lot of classes were either regurgitation of facts learned in class lectures/readings or just complete BS. I got A’s in humanities classes for which I didn’t pick up a single book for! I didn’t learn anything practical that I could take with me to the real world. (It was a general ed series I was required to take–just so you know before you think about blaming me for not challenging myself.)

Even if I wanted to take classes that taught me practical lessons for the real-world…there weren’t many being offered to begin with.

I wasted thousands of my parents money for a piece of paper I was told wold open doors for me and help me be successful. Call it ego, pride, arrogance, whatever. But I didn’t spend that much money learning how to make coffee, copy documents, or fax letters; which seems to be the only non-paying opportunity open. My generation has more than just “some” potential, we can change the world for good. But it seems the limit is far less than the sky for us.

There has to be a better way. I hope.

What are your thoughts?